Basic Bone Broth 101

  Prized for its rich nutrients, bone broth has been used in traditional diets by people groups all around the world. It's rich in vitamins, minerals and collagen. Grass-fed Bones Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Half an organic onion Organic garlic A few sticks of organic carrot and organic celery Filtered Water Start with grass-fed bones. … Continue reading Basic Bone Broth 101


Approximately 3 years ago my friend Amanda was driving me to Seatac airport to fly to Missouri to be in the wedding of one of my childhood best friends. We began to talk about going to the airport sometime together to set off on an adventure. But the question of the drive was, 'where should … Continue reading #ForTheSakeOfIceland

North to the Homeland

About halfway through my studies in France, we had a week long break. Now, most of the other kids (who actually felt like kids to me...seeing as they were 3-5 years younger than me :p) wanted to go to Prague and Munich to drink their parents' limitless fund pool dry,but me on the other hand, … Continue reading North to the Homeland

3 Days in Croatia

If you ever plan to explore Europe and have a flexible time and schedule, I highly recommend checking out Ryanair (Once you find a way to get to Europe, that is!). Ryanair offers extremely cheap flights to specific locations throughout Europe but be careful if you plan on using them...I know we get used to … Continue reading 3 Days in Croatia

Pardon my French, but…

I love France. Let's be honest, it speaks to me. It was such an amazing experience, and it opened up my life to European travel (and the miracle of Ryanair). I studied at the IAU (Institute for American Universities), a small university in the heart of Aix-en-Provence near the Université de Marseille (why was it … Continue reading Pardon my French, but…

I bless the rains down in Affrriiiccaaaaa

After my jaunt to Northern Ireland, I spent some time in South Africa for a mission trip helping a local YWAM base and the surrounding communities in Durban, ZA. We washed our clothes in the bathtub, had cockroaches in our rooms, played with south african children, was schooled on pronunciation by 5 year olds, swam … Continue reading I bless the rains down in Affrriiiccaaaaa

Irlande Magnifique

Once upon a time I spent 4 months in the north of Ireland...And the republic as well. This was my first  trip abroad, and I was completely alone. Ha! I almost got deported at the UK border (or so the story goes...), I fell in love with the UK and Ireland (I also spent 3 … Continue reading Irlande Magnifique