Irlande Magnifique

Once upon a time I spent 4 months in the north of Ireland…And the republic as well. This was my first  trip abroad, and I was completely alone. Ha! I almost got deported at the UK border (or so the story goes…), I fell in love with the UK and Ireland (I also spent 3 days in England…but it was rather uneventful other than wandering foggy Harpenden).

I spent most of my time in Closkelt of County Down, looking down over the Mourne Mountains from the North, the very sights C. S. Lewis describes seeing in his Surprised By Joy. 

The other places I saw whilst there were Belfast, the Giants Causeway, Galway, Cork, Cobh, and Dublin.

This was 2008, mind you. I had a poor camera in those days…


Little 19 year old me in Closkelt…I swear there was something in the water that turned my hair red…



Music associated with this trip:

Burlap to Cashmere Eileens Song

Snow Patrol Take Back The City

Family Force Five How In The World


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