3 Days in Croatia

If you ever plan to explore Europe and have a flexible time and schedule, I highly recommend checking out Ryanair (Once you find a way to get to Europe, that is!). Ryanair offers extremely cheap flights to specific locations throughout Europe but be careful if you plan on using them…I know we get used to not reading the fine print on stuff, but MAKE SURE you read the fine print because this is how they make their money- by having ridiculous fees for everything (Oh your bag is the normal size for all other airlines? Our size restrictions are smaller so you gotta pay. Oh you didn’t check in online before arriving? Oh you looked at the plane before boarding..?). So make sure you follow the guidelines.

You can’t get away with that…I know…you think you are so clever. Stop trying.

Anyway. Follow the rules. Don’t try to be clever, and you can get amazing airline deals.

Like I did; I flew roundtrip to Zadar, Croatia for 23 Euro from Marseille.

And I stayed in a hostel on the water for 19 Euro a night (insert party here).

My friends Abbi, Olivia and I skipped class Friday and caught a 5am flight to Croatia. This was before Croatia became a part of the EU and everything was still dirt cheap.

We went on a cruise, made friends with an older Australian couple, played with kittens, drank cheap delicious espresso, visited an archaeology museum, and marveled at this unknown palace.




I’m on an island. Don’t you ever forget.



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