North to the Homeland

About halfway through my studies in France, we had a week long break.
Now, most of the other kids (who actually felt like kids to me…seeing as they were 3-5 years younger than me :p) wanted to go to Prague and Munich to drink their parents’ limitless fund pool dry,but me on the other hand, I wanted to do something a little different and perhaps experience something cultural that I’d remember the next day.

My friend Abbi and I are both of Scandinavian descent (her Norwegian and I Swedish), and whilst brainstorming and looking at Ryanair flights, we saw that Ryanair flew both to Stockholm and Gothenburg. Hook, line and sinker.

We then planned our trip beginning with 2 1.2 days in Stockholm, 6 hour train ride to Oslo, one day there,  another 6 hours to Bergen (where I contacted a Norwegian friend I had made while in ZA) where we spent 2 1.2 days more, and then 16 hours to Gothenburg via train for a measly almost 24 hours before catching a flight back to Marseille.


We knew that our friendship could survive anything if we could manage to be on a train for this amount of time together without killing each other.

It was great to see all four cities, but we wished we had only visited Stockholm and Bergen, and felt our time in the other two locations was a flop (sorry if you’re either from there or have been and had an amazing time…I’m sure they are beautiful places with a lot to offer, we just didn’t experience that).

And while we froze and ate way too much potato salad, we had an absolutely magical time and I got to see an old friend and meet new friends and see more about my heritage (not to mention EVERYTHING reminded me of my mom!).

Here are some photos from the amazing adventure we took through the snow:


(Bergen left, Stockholm right)



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